My Research

I am a petrologist on a quest to quantify the history of Earth’s atmosphere. A major issue for my research is that air does not precipitate a rock-forming mineral phases, meaning that there is no direct evidence to interrogate – such as a rock record. To circumvent this issue, I develop and lead an innovative array of indirect theoretical, analytical, and experimental approaches to understand the nature of long-term tectonic fluxes which govern how the interior of our planet influences the chemistry of our atmosphere. 

To date, my research has generated new insights into how nitrogen- and carbon-bearing compounds are stored and cycled throughout the planet, I have drawn new links between the planet-wide carbon cycle and diamond-formation, and I have quantitatively shown how plate tectonics has altered the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere. 

I am currently working on a variety of projects with a variety of people.  Below I list of my publications according to the theme of the science (Google Scholar Page). 

Academic Publications (peer reviewed)

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