The Team

I am always on the lookout for enthusiastic PhD students and postdocs, and I am willing and able to support applications. Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me at St Andrews.

UKSA-funded researcher 

Michele used the Deep Earth Water Model to simulate fluid-rock metasomatism with the aim of understanding the nature of the carbon cycles on Earth and Mars (e.g. diamond- and methane-formation)

Former Teammates

Dr Toby Boocock, PhD (2023). Currently Product Manager for isotope ratio mass spectrometry products, Elementar UK 

Dr Fil Fomoso, PhD (2022). Currently in R&D at ST Microelectronics, Milan, Italy.

Dr Eleanor Mare, NERC-funded postdoc (2018-2022). Currently working as a data scientists in geochemistry. Datarock, Melbourne, Australia.