The Team

I am always on the lookout for enthusiastic PhD students and postdocs, and I am willing and able to support applications. Please get in touch if you're interested in working with me at St Andrews.

NERC funded PhD Student

Toby's research develops and uses novel gas-line mass spectrometry to analyse nitrogen in igneous silicates as an archive for the nitrogen cycle through time. Toby is co-supervised by Dr Eva Stüeken (St Andrews) and Dr Julie Prytulak (Durham).

UKSA funded PhD student

Michele uses the Deep Earth Water Model to simulate fluid-rock metasomatism with the aim of understanding the nature of the carbon cycles on Earth and Mars (e.g. diamond- and methane-formation)

Former Teammates

Dr Fil Fomoso, PhD (2022). Currently in R&D at ST Microelectronics, Milan, Italy.

Dr Eleanor Mare, NERC-funded postdoc (2018-2022). Currently working as a data scientists in geochemistry. Datarock, Melbourne, Australia.