The Team

I am always on the lookout for enthusiastic PhD students and postdocs, and I am willing and able to support applications. Please get in touch if you're interested in working at St Andrews with me.

NERC funded PhD Student

Toby's research develops and uses novel gas-line mass spectrometry to analyse nitrogen in igneous silicates as an archive for the nitrogen cycle through time. Toby is co-supervised by Dr Eva Stüeken (St Andrews) and Dr Julie Prytulak (Durham).

St Leonards College funded PhD student

Fil's research focuses on studying the speciation of nitrogen and fluorine in synthetic silicate melts and the incorporation of fluorine in common mantle minerals (e.g., olivine and pyroxene). Fil's PhD is joint between Earth Science and Chemistry. Co-supervised by Prof Sharon Ashbrook, Dr Dan Dawson, and Dr Eleanor Mare (all St Andrews)

STFC funded PhD student

Michele uses the Deep Earth Water Model to simulate fluid-rock metasomatism with the aim of understanding the nature of the carbon cycles on Earth and Mars (e.g. diamond- and methane-formation)

Former Teammates


Dr Eleanor Mare, NERC-funded PDRA (moved into the wonderful world of Data Science in Australia)


Ms Shona George, BSc Geology (moved to an MSc at UCL)


Ms Abigail Robinson, MGeol Earth Science (moved to a PhD at IPGP, France)

Ms Amy Myers, MGeol Earth Science (moved to a PhD at UCD, Ireland)

Ms Sally Mohamad, MGeol Earth Science (moved to the Civil Service, UK Government)


Mr Craig Walton, MGeol Earth Science (moved to a PhD at Cambridge, UK)

Mr Andrew Whyte, MGeol Earth Science (moved to a PhD at Cambridge, UK)

Mr James Crosby, MSc Geochemistry (moved to a PhD at Cambridge, UK)